Refrigerant Analysis
Whether speaking of an AC or Refrigeration system, the condition of the refrigerant itself is the lifeblood of any system. Refrigerants are a constant source of contamination, via broken down refrigerant oil, moisture, mixing of refrigerants, acids, or even just water or air……They all work to damage the refrigeration process. Compressor motor winding are coated with wax which insulates the electrical winding of the motor from the refrigerant itself. Tainted refrigerant works to break down this wax, causing the winding of the motor to deteriorate, causing compressor failure and big cost to the customer.

At iCON, we have taken the steps to be able to examine your refrigerant, giving you, the customer, a complete chemical make up of your refrigerant, printed out for your ease of viewing. We will discuss your options to repair, and give you the most likely outcome if your refrigerant is tainted in any way. These simple repairs are big money savers for you down the road, stopping consistent compressor failures and other potential service calls which occur over and over again.