Lighting Repair
Being an HVAC/R company, service techs at iCON are constantly dealing with electrical issues that pertain to the piece of equipment being worked on. However, iCON doesn’t stop there. Many of our customers have us deal with stand alone electrical issues such as load centers, electrical outlets, damaged wiring, cooking equipment, lighting, etc, which would normally warrant a separate call to an Electric company. Why not let iCON take care of those issues. Electrical repair and service, just one more reason iCON is one call for it all.

Whether you are a Restaurant Owner, Factory Maintenance Man, Office Staff or Supermarket Manager, when the lighting is poor or not working at all, all you know is you don’t want to have to deal with it, you just want it fixed. iCON service techs stand ready and willing to take care of all your lighting issues. Lamp replacement on hard to get to lighting such as parking lot lighting or overhead ceiling lighting, too high to reach or ballast replacement, LED changeovers, electrical wiring repair or even fixture change outs, iCON has you covered.